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Sticky post :)

Draws series Masterpost (Pike/Kirk/McCoy plus an original female character later) - my ongoing book-size Reboot series

All my Reboot stories (lj) / Bridge2Sickbay drabbles (lj) / All my TOS stories (website)

My policy on feedbacking other writers (which also says a lot about the feedback I'd like to receive)

My writing philosophy regarding style might be this by Mark Twain - I'm not always meeting his guidelines, but I'm trying.

My writing philosophy regarding content might be this: I don't want my fic to be irresponsible or hurtful. But I'm not exactly writing pieces for a public awareness campaign here, either.
(originally by leftarrow, used with permission). This said, my stories are frequently kinky and queer, so heed the warnings.

Do I write consistent with whatever canon I play with? More or less. More when it comes to timelines and events in TOS. Less when it comes to the question of Roddenberrys-no-money society on Earth. If violations of canon hurt you physically, you probably shouldn't read my stories.

On fanfic: Derivative Great Literature / In Defense of Fanfiction / The Ecstasy of Influence: A plagiarism

Also, let me plug my favorite Pike vids, all by theoreticalpixy:
All Our Bows are Broken / Hero of the Story / The 59's Song / Tales of Brave Ulysses

And finally...
Here's what I've learned about happiness: It's important to appreciate what you have, let yourself be inspired by people who have worked their way out of a particular hole, talk about your problems (talk, not whine repeatedly) and let yourself be helped and do the work. Things can and will change but not if you insist on your bad luck. (originally by illariy)


Back, kind of :)

Hey folks!

I saw Star Trek Beyond and loved it a lot, so I've been checking out fanfics over the last two days. There's hoping my favorite ships Kirk/McCoy and Spock/McCoy will have quite some stories showing up.

...though actually, I first scanned for new Pike stories on AO3, because, well, my eternal fav, I guess *palmface*

My story rec this morning, though, is a gen story about Jaylah settling in on the Academy:

Good to be back. With so much depressing stuff going on in the world and the lots of work I put into my current life, some healthy escapism is a mood enhancer <3

Okay, so...

...I may have re-read all of Draws, and spent all evening watching Startrek 2009 (and the specials) plus now Into Darkness.

I also may have searched for what happened to Karl after his separation and oh, he dates Katee Sackhoff who's played Starbuck in the Battlestar Galactica series!

Our joined opinion here: HOT combination!

WHERE IS THE CROSSOVER FANFICTION?! Please send links and pointers my way <3

I also may feel a fanfic coming up. Ooops. No promises, though! :)

Lifesign and Happy Birthday, sangueuk :)

Woah, I haven't been on LJ for an eternity. Not dead yet, just very busy with RL (house building, money making, trying to build an additional business).

But a certain LJ notification today motivated me to drop in and say -

Happy Birthday, sangueuk :)

*send cookies and red wine*

*waves to everyone in the flist*
Is there some LJ bug, or why can't I change my icon in comments?
I selected others than my standard, but only the standard icon appears... *sigh*

We are the champions :)

Or in Russian:

Германия чемпион!

<3 That was a great soccer summer!

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Woah f*ck.

Germany - Brazil 7:1

We're all stunned... happily so, but also feeling with the Brasilian soccer team.


*matches we'll still talk about in thirty years*

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Thought-provoking: "Bullshit Jobs"

"Bullshit Jobs" http://www.strikemag.org/bullshit-jobs/
and interview with author @davidgraeber

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...I wish, but AFAIS, I'll be really busy with other expensive activities...

So there's hoping some of you will go and report :)

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Okay, so...

...maybe it's good that Bob Orci directs Reboot ST III, this way at least there is angry fandom discussion again. Which is better than deadly silence ;)

...amusingly, now reading http://trekmovie.com/2014/05/13/roberto-orci-named-director-of-star-trek-3/ and this is definitely the most excitement I get over Trek since finishing my monster story. I doubt that Orci can make a good movie, but now that I'm much less invested emotionally, it's fun to read all these heated comments :)

*anti-depression therapy for zero cents*** <3

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"The Economics of Star Trek - The Proto-Post Scarcity Economy"

I never could include the "Federation has no money" concept in a fanfiction because nobody was able to offer me a functional concept. But after reading this article, I think I would be able to!

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Another three prompts

the last of the current batch...Collapse )

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More kink_meme

Warning for enhanced kink and crackiness! :)Collapse )

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AQ aka Syredronning


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